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DJ Anael, a salsa enthusiast for over a decade, has been collecting records since 2011. His salsa journey started in 2006 when he discovered the genre, took to the dance floor, and began amassing a music collection that started with CDs and evolved into a passion for vinyl records.

Rooted in a childhood filled with music and piano lessons, Anael developed keen listening skills that proved invaluable in uncovering exceptional tracks to delight dancers' ears. As a dedicated dancer himself, he attends numerous salsa congresses worldwide each year, aiming to bring the same enchanting musical experiences to his local salsa scene.

In 2012, Anael started to play in events as guest DJ, and over time became the known DJ for salsa only events on French Riviera. Collaborating regularly with many local dance schools and teachers, Anael enhances the musical ambiance at various events. His DJ skills has earned him invitations to play at local and French festivals, including the Monaco Salsa Congress, Pink Tolosa, Sund'Aix Salsa Festival, On2 is Nice, and the St Tropez Salsa Festival.

Since 2017, Anael has been hosting Mambo Day afternoon socials once a month in St-Raphael, solidifying his role as a key figure in local salsa scene.

In 2022, Anael started to get invited to play in European events such as Prague Salsa Marathon, Magic Slovenian Salsa Festival, Porto Salsa Weekend.

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